digital image, 2014
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One part of me is just really happy that I went through lacking someone to truly talk to about my bigger issues who felt right. Sure I wish I did have someone that it would of been good to talk to, but it wasn’t what was happening for me. It did really teach me a lot about myself and it has made me a hell of a lot better, and a hell of a lot more independent. I managed to back away instead of make more relationships a mess. I can safely guess that I might of hated friends for not knowing how to deal with me, but once I dealt with myself, it showed me a lot about saving myself instead of waiting to be saved. I hate nobody if they can’t help me, because it is not their job. I appreciate help and comfort, but I needed to rely on myself first. I still have problems and I do struggle and seek help, but talking to myself about things first was something I wish I learned to do so much earlier than I did. Keep believing yourself, it works differently for everyone, but it feels good to SEE yourself grow and know, YOU did that. YOU made yourself this smart and beautiful. Just feels good.


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literally ian gallagher sorry


(if ur reading this i hope u know ur wanted)